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Fiber laser is the most sought-after solid-state laser and dominates the market for metal laser cutting equipment as the technology becomes more capable and flexible. High-power laser sources and optical systems and advances in cutting head design have improved piercing times, cutting speeds and cut performance in materials of all types and thicknesses.

Open-type Double-drive Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

It is a professional machine design, novel appearance and many patented technologies. It has the advantages of high speed, small slit, smooth section, easy operation, low energy consumption, suitable for continuous processing in large quantities, and highlighting cutting competitive advantages.

Exchange Worktable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The new closed design, double table fast exchange, while processing edge cutting, fast, small slit, smooth section, easy operation, low energy consumption, suitable for large quantities of continuous processing, highlighting cutting competitive advantage.

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Fibre lasers, or as they are also known as fiber lasers, are powerful laser cutters used for cutting metal. These laser cutting machines are now an affordable asset for many industries such as engineering, metal fabrication, aerospace, automotive and shopfitting.

ZWHOPES fibre laser cutting machines are high performance, powerful metal laser cutting machines suitable for cutting through various metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, silver and gold.

With no consumable parts on the ZWHOPES fibre lasers, the running costs are much lower than the CO2 laser range.

The fibre laser cutting process uses fibre laser cutting technology using a fibre optic cable to transfer the laser from the laser source to the advanced optical head, which produces a fine, intense beam.

The ZWHOPES fibre lasers come complete with a Windows PC based computer system which gives a secure control system. With up-to-date fibre laser technology. Our china based engineers have extensive knowledge, and along with one years warranty, this gives peace of mind when purchasing such a substantial purchase.

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