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Exchange Worktable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • Heavy duty machine base.
  • High performance servo motors.
  • Intelligent cropping control system, easy operation;
  • Fast piecing supported by segment and step piecing;
  • Specialized oversized caliber air duct, makes smoke exhaust smooth.
  • Fully enclosed design;
  • European CE standard laser protection.
  • Double shuttle tables offer a high level of safety and comfort.

Scientific and stable machine body

Chimeric welding method

The anti-deformation method, margin method and rigid blessing method are adopted to prevent welding deformation. The chimeric welding method is adopted to ensure the stability of the bed.

The bed is processed as a whole

The mobile gantry milling machine is used to carry out integrated processing of the bed to maintain stability and shock resistance. Improve accuracy.

The overall machining accuracy of the beam is guaranteed

  • The straightness of the beam base.
  • The perpendicularity of the three faces. 
  • The accuracy of the guide rail and rack/ slide base verticality. 
  • The center moment of the guide rail and rack
  • Mounting hole center distance

Innovative oil circuit system

There are 4 oil guide pipes in the fuselage and 2 oil pipes in the beam. Improve oil spills, reduce rack rail wear by increasing the number of oil strokes, ensure accuracy, and prolong service life.

Ultra-wide table plate, 7mm whole piece of steel plate

25cm ultra-wide table plate, 7cm whole steel plate, to ensure the high efficiency and stability of the gear rack.

Bed structure

  1. 10mm integral steel plate welded bed
  2. Briquetting table surface 60 mm overall welding
  3. 12mm stiffener
  4. Rectangular tube perforated welding

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Main machine parts


China famous brand

RAYTOOLS cutting head

Which provides best cutting quality, best performance in the industry

Japan Panasonic servo motor/driver

Raycus lasers divergence specifications

Raycus lasers divergence specifications are far superior than other lasers and allow the use of long focal lenght processing lenses for vastly improved depth of field, less damage to optical components.

Maximum compact precision (±)

Accuracy of HANLI chiller for laser cooling +/‐ 1.0°C and for optic cooling +/‐ 0.5°C. Water temperature stability for stable laser and best cutting quality. Laser source ( Slabs), the cutting head are cooled by chiller.

Our Work Shop

Technical Specifications

ModelsEfficient working size(mm)Optional laser power(watt)
ECO-fiber 30153000*15001000
ECO-fiber 40154000*15001500
ECO-fiber 40204000*20002000
ECO-fiber 60156000*15003000
ECO-fiber 60206000*20004000
ECO-fiber 60256000*25006000
ECO-fiber 80258000*25008000

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