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ZWHOPES Metal Shearing Machines

Sheet metal shearing machines are a must for most fabrication shops. Used to cut material and plate to size, they produce clean, straight edges and angles reliably with minimal material waste.

ZWHOPES offers high-quality guillotine-style and swing beam shearing equipment – from economical machines for general shearing operations to custom hydraulic shears configured to order. 

Hydraulic CNC Guillotine Shear

  • Integrated steel sheet welded structure, eliminate stress by vibration, with good rigidity and stability.
  • Adopt advanced hydraulic integrated valve unit with compact-structure, minimized pipe connection, in order to improve the reliability of the system and easy for maintain.

Hydraulic CNC Swing Beam Shear

  • Steel plate welded structure, hydraulic transmission, nitrogen cylinder return, convenient operation, reliable performance, beautiful appearance.
  • Edge adjustment signs, adjusts lightly and quickly, continuously variable transmission.

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Hydraulic Guillotine Shears VS Swing Beam Shearing Machine

·Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

The gate-type shearing machine uses a frame structure with all-steel welding. It has four angles, eight sides with a right-angle guide rail, high precision, good rigidity, and hydraulic pre-tightening. The whole hydraulic system adopts a two-way cartridge integrated valve and can be configured with a digital stroke display, photoelectric protection device, and portable table (convenient for changing the mold). The gate-type shearing machine has a double function of both the upper slider and the lower hydraulic pad, and the device can adjust the working pressure stroke in the specified range according to the process requirements. It is easy to operate with the centralized control button.

·Swing Beam Shearing Machine

The swing-type shearing machine usually adopts inclined blade shearing. It has been widely used because of its simple structure, low failure rate, high shearing efficiency, and no distortion and warping after cutting. In the shearing process, as the tool rest does rotary movement, the angle and shearing gap of the swing-type shear will change.

The machine is a steel-welding structure. Hydraulic transmission, vibration to eliminate stress, and it has high strength and good rigidity. Hydraulic swing-type shearing machines do downward shearing movement, and nitrogen cylinder return by using the main cylinder (fixed on the wall panel). So simplified, the hydraulic system operates more stably—the upper tool rest of the swing-type shearing machine swings around a fixed axis in the shearing process. Through leverage, the fulcrum has little force, which can improve the shearing blade and machine life. The whole machine is in a compact structure and can electrodeless adjust the stroke of the upper tool rest, significantly improving the working efficiency.

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