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Hydraulic CNC Guillotine Shear

  • Special CNC system for plate shears.
  • Real time display of rear retaining position.
  • Multi step programming function, automatic operation, continuous positioning and automatic adjustment of rear retaining position.
  • Cutting counting function, real-time display counting.
  • Memory function when powered off: rear retaining position, program, parameter.
  • Ball screw linear guide ensures machining accuracy.

ESTUN E21S Control System

  • Monochrome LCD Box Panel.
  • Integral factor programmable freely
  • Automatic positioning control •Spindle allowance offset
  • Internal time relay
  • Stock counter
  • Backgauge position display, resolution in 0.05mm
  • High Definition LCD screen, one page displaying programming parameters
  • X, Y axis positioning, also can be adjusted manually as required


Press cylinder, small cutting gap

Supporting Platform(Ball type)reduces friction

Safety light certain(Optional)

Tube Joints

Ball screw liner guide

Adjustment of blade gap(motor)

Back gauge,Manual lifting to make space for large materials

Turbo reducer

Hydraulic valve block with pressure display

Main Motor, fully enclosed, self-fan cooling, asynchronous motor.

Electric Components

Foot switch

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Safety & Reliability

All components are certified in accordance with European standards,mainly from Germany, USA, Holland, Italy and Switzerland. All structural parts are calculated by the finite element method and only high quality steel S275 and S355 JR namely J2 (+ N) is used.

1.Workbench protection

Laser protection: The blade stops when obstacle detected by laser.

2.Mechanical back

Light curtain protection or Point protection or safety fence, to warn people the dangerous working areas.

3.Worktable sides

Safety Fence to prevent people from careless entry.

Technical Specifications

Cutting Thickness
Cutting Width
Cutting Angle
Material Strength
Stopper Adjust Range

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