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At ZWHOPES, we provide practical solutions that can be adapted to the development of versatile and functional projects
that combine different types of metals with antibacterial materials.

Combined, versatile solutions for your business!

At ZWHOPES, you’ll find the solutions that best adapt to your industry. We have technologically advanced machinery that makes it possible for our partners to produce components in different formats and volumes, achieving high productivity for small batches or customised parts. Our machinery allows you to process stainless steel components with high precision, in small or medium thicknesses, respecting the standards for food processing, conservation and marketing, irrespective of the density and size of the sheet metal. With ZWHOPES solutions, you’ll be able to offer your clients the best production quality.


We have a set of solutions for the electrical enclosure industrial sector that makes it possible to ally technology and manufacturing processes that are precise, flexible, repeatable and customised, irrespective of the size or thickness of the sheet metal.
Our technologically advanced solutions will increase your productivity with the maximum quality and ensure the sustainability of your business.

The combination of metals to create an aesthetic effect or for combination with antibacterial materials is a reality in the catering equipment sector. Customised and functional projects, with all the catering equipment and furniture that your clients want, this is the main challenge faced by our partners and is therefore the main challenge for ZWHOPES.
To ensure the satisfaction of your partners, we have a set of technologically advanced solutions at ZWHOPES that allow for the manufacture of all the types of components this industry requires, with high flexibility and productivity in the manufacturing processes.

ZWHOPES has smart solutions for the challenges faced by our partners. They allow for the production of heating equipment, very often parts that are resistant to high temperatures and that have to adapt to the specific needs of each client.
We have developed innovative equipment that provides for versatile and efficient production using innovative, antibacterial materials that are more robust and more resistant.

At ZWHOPES, we always keep a close eye on market developments and new technologies. We provide flexible solutions that are technologically advanced and adaptable to the manufacture of parts and components for cooling equipment.
With ZWHOPES solutions, you have flexibility in component manufacture in terms of size and thickness, with high precision, allowing you to combine different types of more resistant metals required according to industry standards.

Examples of Applications

Cooling Systems




Our Solutions

ZWHOPES has a range of solutions adapted to your business, aimed at the right category, where your potential can be better harnessed. We monitor market growth and technological advances in order to optimise our equipment so that all the production processes will be more efficient. Irrespective of the components to be manufactured, ZWHOPES solutions guarantee rapid, accurate production throughout the entire process, an increase in productivity and energy savings too.

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