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At ZWHOPES, we offer the best solutions for responding to the high productivity
and flexibility of the demanding work this industry requires.

Smart solutions
adapted to your business!

ZWHOPES provides smart, flexible solutions for the most varying types of jobs that might arise, irrespective of the thickness, length or shape of the sheet metal. The greatest challenge this industry faces is obtaining final products customised to each client and with higher quality than the competition. If your company will take up the challenge, so will we! Learn about our flexible solutions adapted to your needs!


ZWHOPES has solutions for the challenges our partners come up against, providing for the production of cabs, bodywork and spare parts for lorries and trailers, very often unique parts that have to be adapted to the specific needs of each client.
We have developed innovative equipment that provides for efficient production, using innovative materials that are lighter, more robust and more resistant.

At ZWHOPES, we always keep a close eye on market developments and new technologies. We provide flexible solutions that are technologically advanced and adaptable to the manufacture of parts and components for gantry cranes and lifting systems.
The equipment for cutting and bending metal sheets can be used for flexible production in terms of size and thickness, with high bending and cutting precision, making it possible to produce complex parts.

At ZWHOPES, we foster the development of our partners. We have smart solutions that can sustainably guarantee the production quality of components for all kinds of industrial machinery, medium-sized or large, customised or in different thicknesses.
We provide sheet metal bending and cutting solutions with the sole objective of efficiently simplifying production methods and increasing the productivity of your company.

Presenting solutions for the shipbuilding and ship repair industry is also one of the main challenges that ZWHOPES has encountered.
For small or large projects for producing ship components, at ZWHOPES, you’ll find the ideal solutions for high-precision bending and cutting and flexibility, guaranteeing that the production will be certified and meet the demands of this sector.

Examples of Applications

Harbour Machinery


Our Solutions

With a wide range of applications, both our press brakes and our shears make it possible to adapt production according to the needs of your clients. High-precision equipment that will allow you to save on resources and increase production efficiency. Versatile solutions that can adapt to each production process and to the different standards and criteria required in this sector.

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