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Renewable energy is on the increase and ZWHOPES solutions are growing with it.
We develop customised projects that adapt to your needs, with certification of all the process and the rigour this sector demands.

to boost your growth!

ZWHOPES equipment is widely used in the energy industry. With smart solutions, the manufacturing processes are precise, stable and reliable for maintaining certification levels, ensuring high quality production with little waste. Flexible machinery and smart functions for the manufacturing processes needed for this industry guarantee the sustainability of your business and the satisfaction of your clients. Our equipment makes versatile, precision production possible, which means savings on your company’s resources.


ZWHOPES solutions allow you to undertake projects such as producing metal posts for public or private outdoor lighting in different sizes and formats. We design and implement excellent smart solutions that are automated to provide a response to the needs of our partners.
Our technologically advanced equipment sustainably ensures the production of the components needed for this industry, irrespective of the size and thickness of the sheet metal.

If the priority of your clients is generating energy and taking the first step towards a more sustainable future, we have the solution at ZWHOPES!
At ZWHOPES, we combine technology with customised solutions that respond to your production needs and that will allow you to achieve high performance levels. Set yourself apart from your competitors through production quality and speed in manufacturing processes.

The market in this sector has been changing due to the large increase in interest generated by renewable and non-pollutant energy. Aware of this fact, ZWHOPES provides the technologically advanced solutions this industry needs.
Our equipment allows for versatile, precise and repeatable production, ensuring maximum production quality and reducing energy consumption through its advanced technologies.

At ZWHOPES, you’ll find the best solution for the sustainable mobility industry. We have made innovations in our equipment in order to keep up with the developments in this sector over the last decade.
We focus on modular equipment that adapts to the production processes, making them more flexible and extremely precise. Smart equipment that makes it possible to optimise processes and that ensures maximum production quality.

Examples of Applications

Solar Lamp

Solar Panels

Electrical Equipment

Our Solutions

The increased use and popularity of renewable energy brings with it challenges that require advanced technology. You’ll find the solutions you’re looking for at ZWHOPES! With technologically advanced equipment, ZWHOPES guarantees the repeatability of production processes, speed, precision and quality work, thus avoiding waste. Offer you clients superior quality to that of your competitors.

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