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The technological innovations needed in this sector are increasingly more pressing and demanding, thus implying added responsibility;
ZWHOPES has a set of solutions assuring the quality and innovation this sector demands.

quality and innovation!

At ZWHOPES, you’ll find the ideal solution that can be adapted to the production processes in your company. Economic dynamics, constant technological innovations, the search for products made from sheet metal and other next generation composite materials allow ZWHOPES to find smart solutions that adapt to all kinds of production processes in this industry. Our equipment will let you process different materials, reduce the amount of waste, connect pieces of equipment to each other and optimise parts manufacture.

The automotive industry
is one of ZWHOPES's main challenges!

The automotive industry is driven to undertake ecologically sustainable commitments worldwide. This is why this industry has been increasing its development of more ecological vehicles that meet regulatory requirements; vehicles that are lighter and more robust, consume less and have lower emissions. At ZWHOPES, you’ll find a set of smart solutions that provide for the manufacture of components in any format, with HSS materials and that allow our partners to adapt to the new reality and keep up with the market.

Examples of Applications

Body Work

Threaded Components

Engine Components

Our Solutions

The automotive industry has changed radically over recent decades. As a result, ZWHOPES has also made innovations in its machinery, adapting it to this change. Industry changes, ZWHOPES innovates and its clients grow! Discover the ZWHOPES solutions that can best adapt to your business!

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